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May Study Day

Our chosen theme is:

Our next event will be the CSC Study Day at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens on 17th September 2018.   

“What could possibly go wrong?  Lessons to be learned in Decontamination! 

This is an excellent learning opportunity for all those involved in decontamination from hands-on operatives, decontamination managers, infection prevention practitioners and associated professionals to extend their knowledge and improve practice.

We are currently planning the program of speakers which we intend to publish at the end of the May. 

The content will be focused on:

  • real life experiences
  • describing the problem
  • how it was managed
  • the people involved
  • the process followed to achieve a satisfactory outcome
  • whether those involved would have approached their challenge differently with hindsight

We are seeking to include information on a recommended way to approach problem solving in healthcare.

This will include:

  • how to define what issues might be evident in certain situations
  • how to determine a critical path to determine the root cause
  • to take corrective action

We know from our own experiences that many of us working across the healthcare sector, face the same or similar challenges, however often do not have the opportunity from learning from each other. 

We hope this Study day will be a catalyst for change in practice to avoid similar mistakes being made by individuals and organisations but more importantly to develop an understanding of what went wrong and how solutions were reached. 

By holding this event it is also hoped that this can begin a process of sharing common challenges faced in our daily working lives such that continuous improvements can be made to patient safety.

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