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2018 CSC Website

For some time the CSC committee have acknowledged the need to refresh its website, so we have gone one better and have completely rebuilt it! It is very different from the old design and now has all the features and benefits that our members have been asking us for over the last few months.

It features all of the basics, a section ‘about us’ with a little of the history of the club, how and why it was founded, including a timeline with the dates of key events over the years since the CSC was established in 1960. We have added more detail about the current committee and their backgrounds and how to contact each of us if you have a query relating to a specific issue, for example, finance or membership. We have added information on all past chairman and even a list of our international renown Kelsey Lecturers.

Central Sterilising Club
Homepage of the new Central Sterilising Club website.

We have incorporated a member’s section which will be password protected. It will contain information only available to members including copies of presentations delivered at our Study Day and Annual Scientific Meeting, minutes of CSC meetings, and updates from other meetings attended by CSC representatives relevant to the membership. Members will be able to create their own personal profile with contact information which will support a single database and allow us to more easily maintain contact information. Members will have the opportunity to enter into discussions with other members (with their permission) or to ask questions in the member’s discussion forum.

A section with frequently asked questions is also incorporated in the member’s section as a reference point and a completely new page has been established which will direct you to decontamination related guidance and reference papers. There is also a dedicated list of strategic partners with whom we work closely, or where additional information can be found to support us in our daily work.

We hope you like the new look and content of the website and look forward to regular feedback from our members on how we can improve and add to it.

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Membership is open to any individual or company actively engaged in sterile product manufacture, control of microbial contamination and associated methods, and research and training activities.