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his guidelines consultation

HIS Consultation on the Rituals and Behaviours in the Operating Theatres

We have been asked to distribute this consultation on behalf of HIS as there may be some relevance for CSC members.

“On behalf of the Rituals and Behaviours in the Operating Theatre Working Party, we would like to invite you to comment on the guideline documents which has been released for external consultation. The following files and consultation information are currently available at

  • 1.    Guideline document
  • 2.    Appendices
  • 3.    Supplementary material
  • 4.    Comment form

Please use the comment form included for your responses and email it to [email protected]  by 5pm Friday 3 February.

As a part of the consultation, we will be hosting a webinar at 17.00on Wednesday 25 January. During the webinar, the attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions to a panel who were involved in the guideline development and to give their feedback. If you are interested in joining this event, please follow the link here to register your interest.

The HIS would like to thank you for your continued support.”

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