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CSC News Bulletin – April 2023

April is here, Easter has come and gone and so has the 2023 Annual Scientific Meeting – What an event!!
Here is your bi-monthly dose of what CSC has been pondering and exploring.

Please feel free to forward this along to colleagues who may not have heard about us yet!

CSC Activities

Newcastle ASM 2023
ASM 2023 decontamination under the microscope

We promised ‘thought provoking’, ‘lively debate’ and a ‘broad range of decontamination relevant topics’ and from the feedback we have received to date you agree we achieved it!

Newcastle upon Tyne welcomed us with open arms, a great venue, fabulous weather and excellent service.

There will be articles about the event published in the various journals over the coming months, so for this issue we’ll simply focus on the highlights:

Kelsey Lecture by Joost Hopman

Joost Hopman

Dr Joost Hopman, MD, PhD, DTM&H, works as medical director and consultant
microbiologist in the Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands.
Joost gave a super lecture sharing the depth of his vast experience in supporting low resource countries to achieve sterilisation and decontamination of their environment and instruments in their healthcare settings. 
There’s a lot we can learn about sharing, collaboration and partnership that all contribute to getting things done effectively.

The Great Debate

This year Dr David Jenkins moderated the ‘great debate’, “This house believes that manufacturer’s instructions are restrictive and detrimental to instrument reprocessing”
The boxing gloves were donned by,
Sharon Fox (for the motion) and Richard Bancroft (against the motion)
It prompted a lot of thought and a great deal of discussion with Richard winning the vote ‘against’ the motion.

The Great debate

Mobile Decontamination Units

We began day 2 discussing the theme of mobile decontamination units looking at the design and operation of these facilities from the engineering and clinical perspectives and how they do or don’t achieve JAG accreditation.

We heard from John Prendergast AE(D) for Wales, Jim Tinsdeall AE(D) and Helen Griffiths, Advanced Nurse Practioner and endoscopist for Powys Health Board. Helen is also a JAG assessor and decontamination lead for the BSG.

question time2

The Wild Wild West of Dental Decontamination

Andrew Smith

The final session of the conference was opened by Professor Andrew Smith against the iconic music of the spaghetti western movie ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ as we heard from the four nations about their approach and experiences of dental instrument decontamination and some of the challenges implementing policy and procedures for effective IPC. 

The entire event was also streamed live and those who participated in that format enjoyed watching the various presentations and questions following the presentations.

Live streaming

Let’s not forget the Gala dinner and Quiz

quiz night1

One of the many highlights of the two days was the after dinner quiz. It has become a traditional event every year, and this year Mike Bowden, Jen Stevenson and Tracy Walley from the committee, excelled in the organisation and delivery. Lots of laughter and fun were had by all. 
Well done to the winners and better luck next time everyone else!

quiz night3
Quiz Night Winners

Thank You

thanks delegates2023

Many elements need to come together for a successful conference not least of which is the participation from the audience. Thank you to all our speakers, to Pete Pinnington who organised the AV, to James Plummer for the Video recording and live streaming, to Victoria our events organiser, to the venue staff for their care and attention, to the corporate speakers from Nanosonics, EMS and 2030Labs for their sponsored slots and YOU, our members and non-members who attended in person and online.

What we’re listening to

When Joost Hopman was talking about the hazards in cross contamination from healthcare water sources, he mentioned that the BBC had picked up his published papers and other talks in this area and interviewed him for their Inside health podcast.

Here is the link to BBC Sounds Inside Health where you will find his interview about 19 minutes into the recording.

What we’re reading

Safe Water in Healthcare Book

Our Chairman, Jimmy Walker collaborated with Susan Surman-Lee, Paul McDermott and Michael Weinbren on this recently published book called ‘Safe Water in Healthcare’
Another fantastic contribution to the growing awareness of the real hazards our drinking water presents in healthcare, and how to think and act to mitigate the risks.
You can get your copy here or through Amazon

What quote we’re pondering

Without struggle quotation

What other events are upcoming

IHEEM 2023 Wales Regional Conference “Confronting the Estates Challenges of the Future”– Cardiff City Stadium, 11th – 12th May 2023

British Infection Association, Pendulum Hotel and Manchester Conference Centre, 16th – 17th May 2023

Decontamination Services Seminar – Health Facilities Scotland, 17th May 2023

Federation of Sterilizing research and Advisory Councils of Australia (FSRACA) National Conference, Centrepiece at Melbourne Par, Victoria Australia, 9th – 11th August 2023

WFHSS Congress 2023, Brussels, 17th-20th October 2023

Let us know what you’re thinking

Thanks again to our members for all your support.
Please let us know what you think about this news bulletin; any questions or topics you’d like to hear more about at our Study day (save the date for October 11th in Liverpool) or the next ASM in 2024; any recommendations for reading or listening that we can share.
Send your thoughts to Becky via email at [email protected]

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