The Kelsey Lectures

Established in 1980 through a donation generously provided by Dr Jos Kelsey to enable a guest lecturer of international reputation to be invited to speak at the CSC Conference annually. The Kelsey fund is now maintained by the CSC.

The first Kelsey Lecturer was Dr P Makela, Helsinki, at the Keele Conference in 1982 on the topic of “Some Problems in Field Evaluation of Hand Disinfection. There are some years since the lecture was established where a lecture was not delivered for various reasons. The following is the history of lectures where information was available for collation.

# year dates Location Kelsey Lecturer title
22nd 1980 16th to 18th April University Newcastle Kelsey Lectureship established
24th 1982 23rd to 26th March University of Keele 1st Dr P Makela, Finland Some problems in field evaluation of hand disinfection
25th 1983 18th to 20th April Bath 2nd Prof B Birgitta Nilehn, Sweden Role of the Environment in Hospital Infections –

Design of CSSD

26th 1984 4th to 6th April Univ Nottingham 3rd Dr WA Wahba, WHO Copenhagen Hospital Acquired Infection – The Role of the World Health Organisation.”
27th 1985 27 to 29th King Alfred’s, Winchester Miss Sheila Scott Department of Health, UK Sterile Supply – Past, present and future
28th 1986 15th to 17th April Cardiff Dr J Ferreres A coordinated approach to infection control surveillance
29th 1987 24th to 26th March Univ Warwick Dr B Nystronm Evaluation of standards for washing/heat disinfection


30th 1988 NO PROGRAMME Portsmouth
31st 1989 NO PROGRAMME Leeds
32nd 1990 2nd to 4th April Univ East Anglia Dr Dan Janssen Monitoring and control of steam and ETO -a global view
33rd 1991 11th to 13th April Edinburgh Dr DM Taylor Inactivation of slow viruses including CJD
34th 1992 7th + 8th April Solihull Birmingham – Joint conference with ICNA & ISSM Barry Collins Memorial lecture by Prof F Daschner


Epidemiology Topic
35th 1993 UMIST Manchester Barry Collins Memorial lecture by Prof H G Sonntag, Germany


36th 1994 Blackpool
37th 1995 No Conference
38th 1996 8th + 9th May Eastwood Park, Gloucestershire No Kelsey Lecture
39th 1997 14th to 16th April Univ Birmingham Prof Walter Koller Cleaning and Disinfection by use of machines
40th 1998 20-22 April Birmingham Dr Juhani Ojarjavi Hand washing
41st 1999 12th to 14th April, Belfast Prof Arderne Forder Unknown
42nd 2000 17th to 19th April Cirencester Miss Rosalind Plowman Hospital Acquired Infection: where is the Czar?
43rd 2001 25th to 27th April Univ Manchester Dr William A Rutala New Technologies in Low Temp Sterilization
44th 2002 15th to 17th April UMIST Dr DL Pineau (France) Problems of Biofilms and Endoscopes
2003 7th to 9th April Univ Warwick Michele Alfa Measurement of Cleaning Standards
49th 2004 5th to 7th April Bath Prof Mike Bramble (BSG) UK Decontamination of endoscopes – mission impossible?
2005 25th to 27th April Dundee Dr Dorothy Canter Lessons Learned from Decontaminating facilities following

2001 Bacillus Anthracis attacks

2006 10th to 12th April Cardiff Dr Olavi Kajender Nanobacteria: characteristics detection and medical

Importance of self propagating calcifying nanoparticles.

2007 23rd to 25th April UMIST Manchester Prof Adriano Duse Experiences of viral hemorrhagic fevers in Aftrica
2008 21st to 23rs April Liverpool Prof Shaheem Mehtar

South Africa

Decontamination in the Western Cape
2009 27th to 29th April Dublin Dr Egil Lingaas, Norway. Decontamination in Norwegian Healthcare & vCJD –

value of risk perception

2010 29th to 31st March Cambridge (50th Anniversary CSC) Prof Sayed Sattar Assessing chemicals as disinfectants: Koch to Kelsey and


2011 18th to 20th April Bournemouth Prof Heike Martiny Cleaning and disinfection of channels: not as easy as it seems
2013 15th to 16th April Bristol Dr Michael Borg,

Mater Dei Hospital Malta

Behaviour change in infection prevention: pitfalls and


2014 7th to 8th April Forest of Arden


2015 13th to 14th April St Pierre, Chepstow Gee Yen Sin Ebola: a global perspective
2016 11th March Leeds Dominic Goulet Myths of sterilization
2017 3rd to 4th April Leicester Prof Hilary Humphries Preventing infection in operating theatres – more myth than


2018 16th to 17th April Cardiff Prof Manfred Rotter, Vienna Austria

Dedicated to the memory of Prof Graham Ayliffe (Past Chair CSC)


Historical perspectives of testing the efficacy of hand