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Annual Scientific Program April 1-2, 2019

The Worsley Suite

Worsley Park Marriott Hotel and Country Club,

Manchester, M28 2QT

Monday 1 April 2019

09:00               Registration and refreshments

10:00               Welcome and introduction by Val O’Brien, CSC Chair

10:30               Kelsey Lecture: Failure of cleaning and disinfection of endoscopes;

   prevalence, impact and (future) solutions

Professor Margreet C. Vos, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

11:30               Tea and coffee

Chair:              John Prendergast

12:00               Corporate presentation 1: The use of test soils and surrogate devices to validate

                                                                    endoscope & surgical instrument decontamination

                                                                    Gary Wright, Steris

12:30               Corporate presentation 2: Risk factor considerations for reusable wrap

                                                                     Joy Markey, Clinipak

13:00               Lunch

14:00               Debate: This house believes that existing arrangements for external audit of decontamination quality management systems delivers critical assurance and value for money

Moderator:       Alison Gee

For:                  David Pickard

Against:           Paul Jenkins

15:15               Tea and coffee

Chair:              Gillian Hill

15:45               Sterilisation of flexible endoscopes: take it or leave it?

Paul J Caesar, Tjongerschans Regional Hospital, Heerenveen, Netherlands

16:15              The medical device manufacturing program – low temperature hydrogen peroxide validation process

Damien Barrel, Advanced Sterilization Products

16:45               Final questions and close

17:00               Annual General Meeting

19:30               Mike Emmerson Drinks Reception

20:00               Annual Scientific Meeting Dinner, followed by Quiz hosted by Mike Bowden

Tuesday 2 April 2019

08:30               Registration and refreshments

Chair:            David Jenkins

09:30               Biofilms and how to remove them              

Dr Thomas Vanzieleghem, OneLife

10:00               Surfaces and surface disinfection: how clean is clean, how dead is dead?

Professor Bill Keevil, Southampton University

10:30               Tea and coffee

Chair:              Karen Tweed

11:00               Role of the Principal Engineer and plans to update the HTMs

Mike Ralph, NHS Improvement

11:30               Cardio-pulmonary bypass and mycobacterium chimaera endocarditis:

a perfusionist’s perspective 2003-2019

John Campbell, Nottingham University Hospitals

12:00               Sustaining the NHS

Rose Gallagher MBE, Royal College of Nursing

12:30               Lunch

Chair:              John Prendergast

13:30               Corporate presentation 3: ASP Sterrad ALLClear – the new rhythm of reprocessing

Damien Barrel and Stuart McGerty, Advanced Sterilization Products

14:00               Corporate presentation 4: TOE probe decontamination and disinfection

                                                                      Speaker to be confirmed, Wassenburg

14:30               Tea and coffee

Chair:              Gill Ellis-Pow

15:00              Evaluation of a new PCD – performance versus protein removal

Wayne Spencer, Authorised Engineer Decontamination

15:45               Registration for decontamination units – onwards and upwards

Fiona Kennedy, Applied Management Systems Limited

16:15               Close of meeting

Val O’Brien, CSC Chair

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