Dear Kilmer Conference Community,

The 2019 Kilmer Conference theme of “Collaborate to Innovate” inspired discussions around how industry can collaborate to address important topics facing the sterility assurance community.  One of those topics dealt with the question: “How do we simplify sterilization modality changes and process optimization?”  During the conference, the Modalities collaboration group presented the following four challenge questions:

  1. What is the source or reason for resistance to changing modalities and/or optimizing sterilization processes? What tools, resources, etc. are needed to assist in overcoming the resistance to change?
  2. What is the barrier to accept or adopt novel sterilization methods? What tools or information might we gather to assist in a transition to a novel sterilization method?
  3. How do we efficiently use the capacity that is available for gamma and EO sterilization processing?
  4. What tools or resources are needed to assist with a transition from gamma or EO to other modalities?

The Modalities collaboration group organized publication of a series of articles addressing these questions, to be published soon in a special AAMI Journal titled “Industrial Sterilization: Process Optimization and Modality Changes.”  We would like to maintain the momentum of collaboration across the community on this important topic.  Therefore, the collaboration group is seeking submissions from the greater Kilmer Conference Community for a second round of publications addressing this important topic.

Topics of interest include case studies, lessons learned or innovations on:

  • application of novel sterilization methods (e.g. impact on device materials),
  • product transfer between sterilization modalities,
  • EO process optimization to address recent regulatory innovation challenges, or
  • cleaning reusable devices.

Please feel free to share this request for abstracts with other individuals that are conducting Industrial Sterilization research and/or development.

Abstracts should be submitted to Emily Craven ([email protected]), Andre Tuggles ([email protected]), or Jami McLaren ([email protected]) no later than Friday, September 25th for consideration, with drafts submitted for peer review by Friday, October 30th.