Four of our committee members will end their term of office at the CSC AGM on 4th April 2022.

We therefore invite nominations and expressions of interest between now and January 19th 2022.

One of the new ordinary members will need to be a Nurse, specialising in Infection Prevention & Control.

For the remaining positions we seek a breadth of experience which represents the membership of CSC. We therefore welcome nominations for any personal member of CSC, with experience in any aspect of decontamination.

The nomination form is included and this can be sent directly to me (CSC Secretary), if you have already a made a decision and you have access to two members (personal or corporate), willing to propose and second your nomination.

If you are considering an application but still have questions about the level of commitment or the nomination process then please contact me for further information.

Other members of the committee can also be contacted to discuss their individual experience of being an ordinary member, officer or chair of the committee (see CSC website for additional contact details).

We realise this is a busy time of year but our announcement has been made before Christmas with an extended closing date of January 19th 2022. This should enable sufficient time for all nominations to be submitted and for voting to take place before the AGM, should the number of applicants exceed the number of places.

Although my term ends in 2022 I know this is an incredible opportunity: learning and sharing knowledge, helping and supporting the running of our club and spending time with an incredibly enthusiastic and supportive team.

Thank you for continuing to support The Central Sterilising Club.

Merry Christmas and I look forward to meeting many of you in person at the 60th Anniversary Annual Scientific Meeting in April 2022.

Karren Staniforth

Honorary Secretary, CSC

[email protected]