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    Updating your payment card for your CSC Membership is very easy and can be done at any time. This guide is useful for members who need to update a card that is due to expire soon or if you simply want to use a different card for your annual membership fee.

    First, you will need to log in, you can log in by going to the account page.

    Once logged in you will be redirected back to your account page where you can find all the information about your membership and your payment subscription. Click on the ‘My Subscription’ tab.

    The ‘My Subscription’ page contains details of your membership payments and active subscriptions. This is where you can view previous payments, order details and active payment subscriptions. You can also suspend, cancel and change payment card on the ‘My Subscription’ page.

    To change the payment card you simply need to click ‘Change Payment’.

    Change payment

    Change billing card

    You will now have the option to enter a new card, you will need to click ‘Use a new payment method’. You can now enter the card details that you would like to use. Please note that this card should have the same billing address as your account holder. Once you have entered your card details click the blue button ‘Change Payment Method; to update your account.

    Adding a Secondary Card

    You can also add multiple payment cards if you need, by going to the ‘Payment Methods’ tab on your account page.


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