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    If you need to make updates to your address and member details you will be pleased to know it is a quick and easy process. We advise all members to keep their accounts up to date at all times, this includes ensuring your address, email and personal details are always correct.

    First, you will need to log in, you can log in by going to the account page.

    Once on your account page and logged in your will see a tab labelled ‘Address & Member Details’, click this tab to view your current details.


    You will now see the current address and details such as profession, professional interests, etc. If these aren’t correct you can click ‘Edit’ to make adjustments.

    Edit account address

    On the following page, you can update any details you require. Please note that if you change your address you should also update your payment card to a card that uses the same address. Be sure to click ‘Save’ after making any edits.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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