About us


The Central Sterilising Club was founded in 1960 by a small group of enthusiastic individuals who were either working in the rapidly evolving central sterile supply depts, or were attempting to solve the many problems associated with developing rapid, safe methods for sterilizing items in bulk.


The early meetings were chaired by the late Professor Darmady, then Senior Pathologist at Portsmouth, and attended by medical and scientific experts who became involved in the future developments. Many notable figures in the sterilization field have been, or are, members of the Club.


The Club still flourishes and its strength is its multi-disciplinary membership which includes: Medical and non-medical microbiologists Infection Prevention nurses,  Authorized persons (sterilizers) Sterile Service staff who together with commercial companies involved in all aspects of sterilization, make up a unique blend of skill experience and acknowledged expertise.


Several successful national groups have emerged from the Club’s membership, including the Institute for Decontamination Sciences (IDSc and formally the ISSM), the Infection Prevention Society (IPS, formally ICNA) and the Healthcare Infection Society (formally Hospital Infection Society). Similar groups based on the CSC have been formed in other countries.


The Club’s annual meeting is the only forum where members of all groups can meet, exchange ideas and solve mutual problems. The design of the meeting allows ample time for discussions in both formal sessions and in the less formal atmosphere for which the Club is noted.


● All aspects of sterilization, disinfection, and decontamination
● Equipment decontamination
● Relevant topics in decontamination and infection control
● Applied microbiology
● Safety Engineering and technical aspects